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English (United States) L10n: 'high-resolution tracks' is an export option that includes in the exported file all track points faithfully reflecting the trip course shape
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English (United States) L10n: 'use with Guru Maps (formerly Galileo) navigation app' as in 'you can use files in this format with Guru Maps navigation app'
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English (United States) L10n: Explanation for the 'high-resolution tracks' option. Means that Furkot will put all points it has in the exported daily tracks.
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English (United States) L10n: "I Agree" is a button that user has to click to confirm that they agree to Furkot Terms of Service
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English (United States) L10n: Furkot Terms are in English for now. To emphasize that the document should be referred by its original English name followed by translation marked off by round brackets (). Square brackets [] denote a link
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English (United States) L10n: Label for the button that copies to clipboard a link to the exported trip
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English (United States) L10n: message displayed when exporting trip requires launching Safari (default browser on Mac and iOS)
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English (United States) L10n: square brackets [] denote a link
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English (United States) L10n: Displayed after the data is retrieved. Square brackets [] denote a name of the service that provided results
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English (United States) L10n: Displayed after the data is retrieved. Square brackets [] denote a name of the service that provided results
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English (United States) L10n: © is a copyright symbol; square brackets [] denote a name of the service that provided search results
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English (United States) L10n: Displayed in the second step of creating a new trip (after selecting RV as a travel mode)
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English (United States) L10n: Displayed when place (typically gas station) has air pump for tires. Less than 25 characters if possible
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English (United States) L10n: Amperage of the power provided by a campground. {} stands for the numerical value and 'amp' for Ampere - unit of electrical current
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English (United States) L10n: Campgrounds suitable for large caravans and motorhomes. Less than 25 characters if possible
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English (United States) L10n: Displayed when campground has cabins for rent. Less than 25 characters if possible