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English (United States) L10n: curly brackets {} denote a placeholder for the trip name (destination)
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16 views/board/layout.jade:19
English (United States) L10n: title of the trip board page, followed by trip name
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English (United States) L10n: description of the board page, used when shared on Facebook, Google+ etc.
40 views/components/add-stops.jade:2 views/components/add-stops.jade:10
English (United States) L10n: Caption of the message displayed when user clicked the 'Plan with Furkot' button on a partner website and was transfered to Furkot to select a trip to add stops to
41 views/components/add-stops.jade:6
English (United States) L10n: 'Select a trip to add to.' as in 'Select a trip to add the stops listed above to.
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English (United States) L10n: the curly brackets {} stand for the language name
44 views/components/applications.jade:3 views/header.jade:34
English (United States) L10n: Caption of a dialog listing apps that work with Furkot L10n: Menu option that opens the panel listing apps that work with Furkot
45 views/components/applications.jade:6
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46 views/components/applications.jade:8
English (United States) L10n: 'We recommend:' as in 'We recommend the following applications that work with Furkot:' followed by the list of applications
47 views/components/applications.jade:14 views/components/navigation.jade:81
English (United States) L10n: Scenic is the name of an iPhone navigation app; can be translated as 'Scenic App' where 'App' is the word to translate while 'Scenic' is kept as is L10n: Scenic is a name of an iPhone navigation app; same as 'Scenic App' where App is the word to translate
48 views/components/applications.jade:28
English (United States) L10n: 'Remove' as in 'Remove Furkot access to an application' - displayed next to application that the user gave Furkot access to
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51 views/components/book-wizard.jade:9
English (United States) L10n: Square brackets [] denote a button. The [Done] in the sentence is that name of the button that is also displayed elsewhere. It is important that is translated the same as the button (see the translation of the "Done" word in glossary). If needed for clarification, translate as the phrase "the [Done] button"
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English (United States) L10n: Label for links to websites that user can make lodging reservations at