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12 views/board/board.jade:41
English (United States)
16 views/board/layout.jade:19
English (United States) L10n: title of the trip board page, followed by trip name
17 views/board/layout.jade:21
English (United States) L10n: description of the board page, used when shared on Facebook, Google+ etc.
41 views/components/add-stops.jade:6
English (United States) L10n: 'Select a trip to add to.' as in 'Select a trip to add the stops listed above to.
43 views/components/add-stops.jade:15
English (United States) L10n: the curly brackets {} stand for the language name
226 views/components/furkot-pass.jade:7
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230 views/components/furkot-pass.jade:33 views/pass/index.jade:6
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237 views/components/import-dlg.jade:6
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259 views/components/import-dlg.jade:52
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345 views/components/map.jade:118
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431 views/components/place-detail.jade:10
English (United States) L10n: This message shows in the Find drawer when no items can be found (and thus no items can be displayed in the drawer or on the map). The "area" depends on the search options: it's either a circle that can be dragged and resized, an entire area of the displayed map, an area along the route (see https://help.furkot.com/features/points-of-interest.htm)
752 views/components/places.jade:120
English (United States)
912 views/components/share-dlg.jade:143 views/components/share-dlg.jade:151 views/components/tour-lodging.jade:2
English (United States) L10n: caption of the message showing off Furkot feature. It doesn't have to be a question. In some languages a phrase like 'Do you know that..." may be more appropriate
915 views/components/share-dlg.jade:144
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917 views/components/share-dlg.jade:147 views/components/share-dlg.jade:161
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918 views/components/share-dlg.jade:148 views/components/share-dlg.jade:165
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992 views/components/step-detail.jade:330
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1126 views/components/step-detail.jade:952 views/components/step-detail.jade:985 views/components/trip-detail.jade:596
English (United States) L10n: Warning displayed when there is more than half gas tank when arriving at a planned fuel station
1140 views/components/step-detail.jade:967 views/components/step-detail.jade:983
English (United States) L10n: Warning displayed when Furkot cannot calculate route duration and expect user to set it manually
1183 views/components/step-switches.jade:135
English (United States) L10n: L10n: square brackets [] denote a button