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English (United States)
372 views/components/navigation.jade:79 views/components/step-detail.jade:927 views/components/step-detail.jade:958 views/export/warning.jade:1
English (United States) L10n: Warning displayed for automatically scheduled stops that are not associated with real places but are just placeholders
456 views/components/place-detail.jade:99 views/components/place-detail.jade:236 views/components/places.jade:79
English (United States) L10n: Displayed also when there are scenic byways near a place (for instance a campground). Less than 25 characters if possible
524 views/components/place-detail.jade:177 views/components/place-detail.jade:372
English (United States) L10n: Places that offer tennis as an activity. Less than 25 characters if possible
616 views/components/place-switch.jade:244 views/components/place-switch.jade:247
English (United States) L10n: hint for the button that shows birdwatching hotspots on the map
658 views/components/place-switch.jade:376 views/components/place-switch.jade:379 views/components/places.jade:27 views/components/places.jade:29
English (United States) L10n: hint for the button that shows guidebooks and travel guides on the map
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832 views/components/places.jade:411
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839 views/components/places.jade:460
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867 views/components/places.jade:521
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942 views/components/step-detail.jade:68
English (United States) L10n: stop type (icon)
999 views/components/step-detail.jade:330
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1190 views/components/step-switches.jade:135
English (United States) L10n: L10n: square brackets [] denote a button
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1366 views/components/trip-detail.jade:763
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1396 views/components/trip-detail.jade:873
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1465 views/pass/index.jade:74
English (United States) L10n: Label for the field to enter coupon for Furkot Pass
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