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English (United States) L10n: The phrase is compared to stops when deciding which ones to import
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English (United States) L10n: This message shows in the Find drawer when no items can be found (and thus no items can be displayed in the drawer or on the map). The "area" depends on the search options: it's either a circle that can be dragged and resized, an entire area of the displayed map, an area along the route (see https://help.furkot.com/features/points-of-interest.htm)
574 views/components/place-switch.jade:88
English (United States) L10n: Sort places in the Find drawer alphabetically
609 views/components/place-switch.jade:220 views/components/place-switch.jade:223
English (United States) L10n: hint for the button that shows national and state parks and forests on the map
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960 views/components/step-detail.jade:148
English (United States) L10n: stop type (icon)
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1156 views/components/step-item.jade:33
English (United States) L10n: Word marking a stop as omited in the itinersry
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English (United States) L10n: L10n: square brackets [] denote a button
1242 views/components/trip-config-item.jade:38 views/components/trip-detail.jade:261
English (United States) L10n: Label for a field listing all users invited to share a trip
1277 views/components/trip-detail.jade:136
English (United States) L10n: Label for the date and time when the trip begins
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