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English (United States) L10n: Displayed after the data is retrieved. Square brackets [] denote a name of the service that provided results
313 views/components/map-attrib.jade:25 views/components/map-attrib.jade:53 views/components/map-attrib.jade:61
English (United States) L10n: Displayed after the data is retrieved. Square brackets [] denote a name of the service that provided results
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English (United States) L10n: © is a copyright symbol; square brackets [] denote a name of the service that provided search results
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English (United States) L10n: feet as unit of elevation
377 views/components/network.jade:2 views/header.jade:24
English (United States) L10n: Menu option that opens panel with the options that control how Furkot works when offline
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English (United States) L10n: displayed when user tries to refresh trip while the 'use cached data only' option is on
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English (United States) L10n: Displayed in the second step of creating a new trip (after selecting RV as a travel mode)
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444 views/components/place-detail.jade:82 views/components/place-detail.jade:207
English (United States) L10n: Displayed when place (typically gas station) has air pump for tires. Less than 25 characters if possible
445 views/components/place-detail.jade:83 views/components/place-detail.jade:209
English (United States) L10n: Amperage of the power provided by a campground. {} stands for the numerical value and 'amp' for Ampere - unit of electrical current
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English (United States) L10n: Acreage. Followed by number of acres. Less than 25 characters if possible
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