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English (United States) L10n: title of the trip board page, followed by trip name
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English (United States) L10n: description of the board page, used when shared on Facebook, Google+ etc.
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English (United States) L10n: square brackets [] denote a button
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English (United States) L10n: travel mode: travel in RV (recreational vehicle) or camper
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English (United States) L10n: instruction to user to pan and zoom map to find matching places when typing name or address
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English (United States) L10n: 'high-resolution tracks' is an export option that includes in the exported file all track points faithfully reflecting the trip course shape
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English (United States) L10n: 'use with Guru Maps (formerly Galileo) navigation app' as in 'you can use files in this format with Guru Maps navigation app'
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English (United States) L10n: Explanation for the 'high-resolution tracks' option. Means that Furkot will put all points it has in the exported daily tracks.
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English (United States) L10n: "I Agree" is a button that user has to click to confirm that they agree to Furkot Terms of Service
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English (United States) L10n: Furkot Terms are in English for now. To emphasize that the document should be referred by its original English name followed by translation marked off by round brackets (). Square brackets [] denote a link
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English (United States) L10n: Label for the button that copies to clipboard a link to the exported trip
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English (United States) L10n: message displayed when exporting trip requires launching Safari (default browser on Mac and iOS)
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English (United States) L10n: 'Furkot Pass' offers exclusive access to selected features: https://help.furkot.com/getting-started/furkot-pass.html . It can be translated or left as is. If in doubt check if names of those products are translated in your language: Amazon Prime, Apple Store, Google Ads.
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English (United States) L10n: square brackets [] denote a link
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English (United States) L10n: option to get Furkot Pass as reward for booking hotel(s) or other lodging options or services on Furkot