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Delete stop 刪除站
Do you want to change the trip end? 你想改變行程結束了嗎?
You can also allow subsequent changes of the trip end if you don't want to see this message again. 您還可以允許,如果你不希望再次看到此消息的行程後續更改結束。
Are you sure you want to delete this stop? 你確定要刪除這個站?
This stop represents a confirmed booking. 該站代表確認預訂。
You should cancel the booking before deleting it. 在刪除之前,您應該取消預訂。
Automatically scheduled overnight stop 自動安排隔夜中止
This is an automatically scheduled overnight stop. It will disappear when you add your own lodging stop before it. 這是一個自動安排隔夜中止。當你之前添加自己的住宿停止它就會消失。
If you want to travel longer on this day you can change its Start a Day or End a Day times. 如果你想前往長在這一天,你可以改變它的開始新的一天或結束一天倍。
If you don't want Furkot to schedule overnight stops for your trip, set the End a Day to the same time as the Start a Day in the Trip drawer. 如果你不想Furkot安排在一夜之間停止為您的旅行,在旅行紙盒中結束一天的同一時間為開始新的一天。
If you want to travel longer on this day you can change its daily travel time or mileage limits. 如果你想前往長在這一天,你可以改變它的開始新的一天或結束一天倍。


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