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Thanks for your help. 謝謝你的幫助
Maybe you could suggest some places along the way that I should visit. 也許你可以在我應該訪問的路上建議一些地方
Select a trip to add to. 選擇一個行程來加入
Thank you for supporting Furkot. 感謝您支持Furkot
Furkot cannot display the map. Furkot無法顯示地圖
No points of interest found in the area. 興趣點顯示
You can share your trip with others. 分享此行與他人
Ask for advice and let people inspire you. 尋求建議,讓人們激勵你
Show off your trip to friends or share with Furkot community. 分享Furkot社區您的行程
Change automatic scheduling of this stop 您還可以禁用加油站的自動調度。
More than half tank left. 剩下一半以上的坦克
Route duration needs to be set manually. 路由持續時間需要手動設置
Search for places to visit in the [Find] drawer. 搜索用的地方參觀
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You can extend your pass for a year for {}. 您可以將門票延長一年{}