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Hi! I am planning a trip {}. I am hoping you can help me with that. This is my route so far. 嗨!我打算去旅行{}。我希望你能幫助我。這是我到目前為止的路線。
If you know about any interesting places along my route please add them to this map. You can enter the name in the search box, or - if you know where the place is located - click on the map and choose from the list of places nearby. Add as many suggestions as you want. 如果您了解我路線上任何有趣的地方,請將它們添加到此地圖中。您可以在搜索框中輸入名稱,或者 - 如果您知道該地點的位置 - 單擊地圖並從附近的地點列表中進行選擇。添加任意數量的建議。
Thanks for your help. 謝謝你的幫助
This is the map of your trip that others will see. They will be able to suggest one or more places for you to visit on your trip. 這是您的旅行地圖,其他人會看到。他們將為您的旅行建議一個或多個地方。
Copy and paste this URL or use one of the share buttons to ask others to help you plan this trip. 複製並粘貼此URL或使用其中一個共享按鈕,讓其他人幫您計劃此行程。
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Help me plan my trip: 幫我計劃一下我的行程
Maybe you could suggest some places along the way that I should visit. 也許你可以在我應該訪問的路上建議一些地方
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